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Alexander Technique in general is profound; with Rob, even more so.  Somehow, through his subtle work, my mind-body remembers its inherent wholeness and freedom.  I leave the session feeling ease, flow, and connectedness to myself and everything.  I highly recommend Rob's Alexander work to all!  

- Darcy L

"Every single thing we are doing in the Alexander Technique work is exactly what is being done in Nature where the conditions are right, the difference is that we are learning to do it consciously."

- F.M Alexander

Who Benefits From AT?

People experiencing physical pain:

- chronic pain
- neck back joints
- postural issues
- headaches
- repetitive strain

People experiencing emotional or mental discomfort

Anyone interested in change.


- Dancers
- Singers
- Musicians
- Athletes

People who Exercise

People who use computers

How does it work?

The Technique helps you identify and prevent harmful postural habits that may be the cause of stress and pain. Learn to rediscover balance of mind and body, and release tension. Using the Technique, you will be able to breathe and speak more easily and stay alert and focused without strain. It also develops poise and confidence.

Whenever we experience physical discomfort or limitations - chronic tension, aches and pains, or an inability to sit, stand, or move comfortably - the usual solution to do something to alleviate our symptoms.
We may perform specific exercises or stretches, treat the muscles that hurt, or try to 'sit up straight'. These solutions often help for a period of time, but typically the problem returns in some form, because we have not addressed the overarching cause of our woes: How we use ourselves to do what we do.

Understanding Use: The Key to lasting change

Over the course of our lives, we all develop way of using ourselves that are in conflict with the way our bodies are designed to function. In the end, it's not your weak neck muscles, your stressful job, or your uncomfortable chair that's making you hurt: it's your unconscious, habitual ways of being and responding to the demands of your life.
Instead of directly fixing your problems, the Alexander Technique increases your awareness of what's causing them in the first place. As you start to notice what it is you're doing, you gain the freedom to respond more flexibly, in greater harmony with the way your body works and with the new demands of each situation.

Lessons in AT

This method requires active participation in the process of learning and changing. No two Alexander Technique lessons look exactly the same. The process will vary depending on your interests, patterns of use, and state of attention and awareness. The work can be done sitting, standing, lying down, or performing an activity (playing an instrument, typing, walking and so forth). In any of these, a teacher will use verbal guidance and light use of hands, with several factors in mind: your patterns, kinesthesia, attention, and intention.

Contact: Rob Uttaro, Phone: 941-587-8009, Email: robuttaro@yahoo.com