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Rob is one with the Alexander Technique.  His teachings bring instant relaxation and freedom within the body and mind. 

- Julia D

Rob Uttaro

I became interested in the Alexander Technique while searching for a way to relieve chronic neck and back pain which I had experienced for a number of years. A yoga teacher who had also experienced chronic pain recommended the work to me. I took private lessons for the next year and a half, during this time the pain was significantly reduced. More importantly, I began to experience a new sense of joy in almost every activity (even dreadful tasks like shoveling snow and working at a computer).

I completed the three-year Teacher Training course at the Alexander Technique Center in Cambridge, Mass. I love teaching people of all ages with a variety of interests, from reading and computer work to intense dancing and yoga.

F.M. Alexander


The Alexander Technique is named after Frederick Matthias Alexander, an actor born in Australia in 1869. Alexander developed the technique due to some critical speech and breathing problems he was experiencing while performing as a Shakespearean actor.

Alexander left Australia for London in 1906.  He continued to develop his technique and established the first training course for teachers of the Technique in 1931.
He was well respected by many in the medical profession and in 1937 the British Medical Journal published a letter in support of the Technique signed by nineteen doctors. His work has been endorsed by eminent scientists including; Sir Charles Sherrington OM, Professor George Coghill, Professor Raymond Dart, Professor Nikolaas Tinbergen; (Nobel Prize-winner for Physiology and Medicine 1973) and Dr T.D.M. Roberts (author of The Neurophysiology of Postural Mechanisms, Butterworth 1978).


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